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Hello everyone!
We've been getting a few new members here and there and I feel very bad for kinda letting things get dead around here. Let's see if we can liven things up a little bit! I'll admit that I haven't really done my part and finished any of my challenge pics yet, but a lot of that has to do with work/offline stuff getting in the way. I'm sure we've all run into that before. ;)

So let's see if we can get some activity levels up! I'd like to help by showcasing a few of the challenge pictures I've seen! Everyone is welcome to help by sharing any pictures they've contributed so far to the challenge.

So far, only one person has completed the entire thing. :O

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It's almost summer now, so let's get out our pencils, brushes, pens, tablets, or whatever your medium of choice might be and get to drawing! We can do it!

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Hello, there! 8D
I stumbled upon this little community, and I thought it was such a cute idea that I couldn't help but jump on board.
I've decided to keep my "Master List" on my LJ.
I can't wait to get started.
Kilimanjaro Safaris

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Hi, all! I just found this comm and joined - this is a great way to get myself drawing more! Glad to see an art community focusing on the lesser-seen animal species! (And the fact that Malayan tapirs made the list tickles me, as I used to work with them and love them to death :D)

Just a little about myself: art is a hobby, although someday I'd love to be good enough to make at least a few extra bucks off of it. I'm a zookeeper by training (I interned with marine mammals and had a paying job with Southeast Asian mammals), although recently I've moved back to Orlando to work at Disney, and hopefully eventually get into Animal Kingdom as a keeper. My favorite art subjects are animals (duh!) and anything Disney!

I really love feedback and especially constructive criticism - I think it's one of the best tools an artist has to learn. So I welcome any and all comments on my work!

Here's my home on DA:
XFKirsten's DA Page

Looking forward to seeing what folks have to offer!

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To Whom it may concern,

Are you a beginner when it comes to anthropormorphic art and want/need advice?

Are you an Anthro Artist Veteran who likes to help newbies when it comes to their drawing?

Then please drop by the Anthro Cafe Where you can kick back, relax, and critique artwork while getting tips and tricks from others.

We're still looking for people to post stuff, add tutorials and to help with HTML, but what is really needed is members who love anthros and like helping anthro artist to be the best they can be. So come on by, stay a while. You'll be happy you came.

Our address is:
Were Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Open on Holidays.


K. Lunestar
NOTE: Yes, this has probally been posted once on a few of the many, many comunities this is on, but due to a lack of customers I am avertising my little heart out =P
Also, Commisions ARE NOW ALLOWED.

tree path glee!
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Hi! :)

Please don't ask me how come I'm here. I tend to follow links until I find something I like without quite knowing how I got there in the first place. ^_^

I'm mostly drawing for fun, although the plan is to make a living out of it. I still have loads to learn, though. 
Animals are a favorite theme of mine, but mostly I end up with female figure or characters or fanart or whatev, so when I get into animals I end up drawing them either really furry and kinda cute or... something else. 

Oh yeah and I tend to procrastinate - A LOT - so I really really want to finish this list. XD

I'm really looking forward to see what everyone else does!! C8 

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Introduction for Shade

 I've been drawing since I was a little kid and have always loved animals. Most of my art... well practically all of it revolves around animals. I guess you could say I have a phobia of sorts when it comes to drawing people. But anyways, I've never completed any of these challenge things before but this one I think I can do. It's exciting!

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Spits - Take On Me!

spits - introduction post/list

Hello everyone! I'm not very good at these introduction...things, but here goes nothing. I've been doodling since I was little, but for me art is a hobby and not something that I plan to pursue professionally. I find that I draw more when I'm stressed (even if they're brief, 10 second sketches) and for whatever reason, I've always gravitated toward animals (wolves being my favorite).

By the way, I'm also known as Silver Wolf (Balto fandom back in the day!) and Spitfire (from the TLK archive and elsewhere), but have just decided to drop the whole two name thing and go by 'spits'. I look forward to seeing what everyone is going to come up with! Should be fun :)!

Current art galleries:

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I draw, but I do it for fun when the inspiration strikes. I have always been obsessed with animals. My grandmother gave me a book of Mammals when i was a child. Since then I have compiled an encyclopedia of them in my head. I draw anthro mostly now... combining my two strengths the female form and animals. I prefer things that are warm and fuzzy. My boyfriend still seems somewhat bemused by the whole thing. I don't think he "gets" it.

I love big cats and wolves and I am not ashamed of it. My personal fursona is a white lion. I also ADORE red pandas. Ferrets and wolverines. Um... lots more I am sure, but those really stick out.

I post as Blunderbess on Deviant art. It will likely take me about forever to do the list. It does not REALLY concern me. Hope to get to know everyone a bit better.
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