Alai Tallon (alaitallon) wrote in animalart100,
Alai Tallon

List of participants

This entry will be used to keep track of the list of participants as well as the links to their intro/list posts. When you've posted your introduction/list post, please comment here with the link to it and I'll add it on to the list!

- alaitallon - Intro post
- blunderbess - Intro post
- chika_jin - Intro post
- msgrim - Intro post
- sammysmee - Intro post
- offside_element - Intro post
- zoeology - Intro post
- nachtshade - Intro post
- msgrim - Intro post
- xfkirsten - Intro post
- bishielurfer - Intro post
- dodger_greywing - Intro post

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    Hello everyone! We've been getting a few new members here and there and I feel very bad for kinda letting things get dead around here. Let's see if…

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    Erm, yes. Found this through some searching after talking with alaitallon over on wtf_fa . My checklist be here, on my LJ.

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    Hello, there! 8D I stumbled upon this little community, and I thought it was such a cute idea that I couldn't help but jump on board. I've decided…

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