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animalart100's Journal

The Animal Art Challenge!
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A challenge to draw 100 relatively unknown animals!
After seeing the furry/animal art community saturated with art of wolves, foxes, big cats, bunnies, and the occasional equine, I decided it was time to inject some creativity and life into the community!


01. Original art only!
Do not post art here that you have not done yourself! It's fine to link to other pictures/art as help for references, but do not copy or repost someone's work and claim it as your own! If we find that you have plagiarized someone's work, we will remove the post and possibly remove you from the community, considering the severity of it.

02. Be respectful!
Treat others as you would like to be treated in return! Play nicely; this place is for people to have fun, not to fight! Also, constructive critiques of art are allowed here, but if someone asks for something not to be critiqued, please be respectful of their wishes and honor that request.

03. Images behind a cut!
No matter how small or what sort of content, please place your images behind a cut (and, of course, tell us what's behind it)! If you do not know how to make an LJ Cut, this will tell you how: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

04. Warn people of possible "not safe for work" images!
Sexual/Mature images are allowed, but we ask that people put an additional warning for these images in the post. An example of a good warning would be: "NSFW - Nudity" or "NSFW - Sexual content" or "NSFW - Extreme violence" It doesn't have to be anything long and detailed, just something that will let people know what it is they'll be seeing! Here are some themes that would classify as needing this kind of warning:

- Nudity
- Sexual content (includes, but not limited to, masturbation, seductive posing, use of sex toys, oral/anal/penetrative sex)
- Illegal drug use
- Extreme violence (major wounds, missing limbs, entrails, decapitations, etc. Basically, anything more than a PG-13 amount of blood/gore)

05. Minors in sexual situations/"Cub" art is not allowed!
Though I doubt this will be a problem for the community, I wanted to preemptively warn that we will not be allowing any sexual/suggestive images of minor characters here. This is partially because a lot of people, myself included, do not condone it and it is partially because LiveJournal's previous actions concerning fictional minors in sexual situations imply that it is not condoned by the LJ staff either. It's simply a can of worms I'd rather us not get into. :)


It's really very simple!

01. Make an introductory post that includes your "checklist" (as found in this entry) or a link to where you're keeping your list.

02. As you complete each animal on the list, you can post your latest creation to the community. Be sure to remember to check it off on your list and add a link to it!

03. Feel free to ask for help with redlining/constructive criticism as well as asking for help in finding more photo references or information on the animals listed!